Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka

For the past six years TV Derana has been hosting the local event for the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, Miss World. This will be the 7th consecutive year the channel will be involved in choosing the representative who would represent our country on a global stage.

This year there will be Top 5 Winners who will be competing for the Top 5 World Pageants including:

(a) Miss Earth
(b) Miss Globe International
(c) Top Model of the World
(d) Miss Intercontinental
(e) Miss Tourism World

Entries for the pageant are now being accepted for girls between the ages of 17-25 with a minimum height of 5'4. The best 12 will be chosen for the pageant. All our contestants will go through rigorous training programs aided by experts from the fields of fashion and beauty.

TV Derana is prepared to bring all the exclusive footage surrounding our contestants' journey in the format of a reality TV show spanning 3 months. The show will lead up to our gala event at which the 5 brand ambassadors will be chosen by an elite group of judges.