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Sri Gauthama Sambuddha

Saturday, Sunday 20:30:00

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  • Thank you DERANA TV for giving us SRI GAUTHAMA SAMBUDDHA.
  • Nilanga
  • namoo buddhaya
  • kasun pathirana
  • The acting, dialogues, costumes, and all the research that has gone into this masterpiece of work is excellent. It inspires. congratulations to THE WHOLE TEAM.
  • swaramaali. Switzerland
  • I too lvoe to watch this and eagerly wait until weekend. Life of Buddha is really inspiring and this great work is done to reflect the same.
  • Piyal Fernando
  • After 15 years I started watching a teledrama, great creation. Cannot wait for the weekend to see this drama.
  • Ruwan, Canada
  • What a beautiful piece of work. It actually carried me to the time of lord Buddha. It was extremely emotional as well.
  • Anuruddika
  • niyama lassana kathawa.. api hari aasawen balana sri gauthama sambudda kathawa.. kalathurkin balanna labena kathawak thawa thawa oya wage katha idiripath karanna.. all de best derana
  • gayathri
  • I feel free-thinking prince siddhartha- uthum budu bawa patha ipadunu ape 'Bodhisathvayan would have lived a mentally unhappy life like this when he was in the palace. also this shows how strong was the parental love of king suddhodhana towards his son. This would have been the natural life of all of them in the palace happiness, sorrow, fear etc great creation!
  • sunethra
  • Wonderful Teledrama. Thank you!
  • Padmine-Germany
  • amazing.. its lovely way of dubbing. I cried a lot.. felt like i was in the buddhas time..thanks for the great work.
  • nilmini