Pateebha Event 21:30:00

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  • I am watching this from Australia. I am married to an Australian man. We have a lovely family and we meditate together.We take our children to Buddhist meditation classes. We understand what true love is. I am glad that Buddhism show these great values than any other religion. Please make sure this program is watched by school children. Sri Lankan people must learn what true love is rather than spend time in hatred, jealousy and competition with each others wealth. Lana

  • ethamat arthawat samajayata loku mehewarak menaka

  • I viewed the latest Vesak day programme 14th May 2014. It is very much informative and wish TVDerana will keep this standard always. with Metta Jayantha Weerasinghe, Fiji Islands

  • හැම නාලිකාවකම නැති විදියෙ සමාජයට ඉතාමත් අවශ්‍යයම කාලීන වැඞ සටභනකි. Preethi Edirisinghe

  • I realy love this programme. that 15th januray & 14 th february pateebha programme was very good.good luck for all of you. Pussella

  • I am from England.This is a very good and interesting program with good dhamma.I am watching this program on my leisure time.Thank you for venerable Hanthane Dhammagavesi Thero and Derana Pateebha Team for doing this kind of special program.... S.Adikari.

  • i am from United states of america and a Buddhist monk. many of our dayakas in america are very fond of this programme. the most superb programme in Sri Lanka. kotapola chandima thero -CA

  • All our family members are other religious except me and my two kids, but every body are very eager to listen this dam ma talk! thanks, its very logical and understandable.May the triple gem bless you all, all

  • Definitely this is the really important and the best programme on your tv chanel. pls, be continuous this programme forever. triple gem bless you all. Amal Akalanka

  • Very good talk. Hamuduruwo s social understanding and relating them to dhamma is excellent . I think another topic that may help human being is " we should be satisfy with just one having two is too much". Sirilal Sirilal